Sport cloths: Decathlon VS Corte de Inglés

For the queueing task out of our MGEPS class ‘Logistics’ I chose an area with a possible real life customer experience. For my daily running I was needing an additional sports shorts.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-29 um 12.23.18

For me as a student and customer the price was the main factor. I bought a shorts at Decathlon for 12 EUR. I also was buying a portable backpack, which I was seeing next to the queue (20-Liters-backpack, so small that you can pack it in one hand, for 3€). The system and the structure worked well for me. Through watching all the small and cheap products next to the line, the waiting time in the queue was on a emotional side of view suddenly finished for me. If I would want to spent more money for an important prodcut for longterm use and with the need of expert consulting, I would probably go to the Sports Department of Corte de Inglés.

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