Design, LayOut and Distribution

The supply system plays an important role since it has evolved as warehouse facilities to become centers focused on the service and support of the organization. A warehouse and an efficient distribution center have a fundamental impact on the overall success of the logistics chain. Therefore it must be designed according to the level of the manufacture of the product, using the necessary tools, be supported by an excellent layouts, information system and distribution.

The objectives of design and layOut in a company or business are to improve and facilitate the speed of preparation of the most efficient products or services, precision and distribution. All these characteristics focused on achieving the competitive advantages within the strategic plan of the organization thus obtaining a better pace in its services and satisfying the client.

There are a number of principles at the time of making a good distribution:

– Large moving items should be near the exit to save time.
– Transporting uncomfortable articles and difficult to move to an area that minimize work.
– The spaces must be efficiently established in order to easily obtain our materials.
– Chemicals must be located outside the work area
– All materials that require it must be identified and protected.
– All components against fire and safety must be located according to their scope.

Below we will see a brief video where it shows us how the requirements in the execution of a wholesale distribution to the right people, the right product and in the right time.


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