Drone technology in logistics

Since we saw in the UPV lecture “Innovation Management” a youtube video about amazon using drones for delivering (Amazon Prime Air) I was interested in the future-use of drones in the daily live. This example impressed me a lot. Therefore I was looking for additional sources of information. I am happy to share this in my short blog-impression.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-27 um 15.53.55.png

But how does it acutally work – catching loads and deliver them?

At the beginning of 2015 the Fraunhofer IML (A German public-science-institution) filed a patent for a load bearing system. The basic idea here is to collect and deliver loads, especially with drones, autonomously. This was the missing piece of puzzles for the economic transport of goods with drones. The system consists an adapter that can be clicked into the strapping band and the actual load pickup. This is equipped with a camera and finds a code on the adapter, identifies it and then uses it for adjustment on it. The load receptacle is mechanically supported by a funnel. In addition to the dron-integrated application, other applications are also conceivable for intelligent load sensing. Thus, e.g. Can be used to support the gripping of a crane in order to relieve the crane operator.

I am excited to see how further drone-innovations in delivering and transporting in the next years will look like. There might be a post-office-drone with a person sitting inside, right?! Will there be a lisence necessary or will the drone guide autonomosly? It is a very interesting field of development!

This might be, in some years, our new ‘pizza-boy’:

I hope you guys enjoyed that post. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate and ask me. – Thank you. Marius

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