Why is important to have an appropriate Layout?

Although we had change our classroom layout to have a better way to work, every class there are little inconvenience with it.

Imagen relacionada   ———->  Resultado de imagen de layout de un salon de clases

Having a proper layout is very important for many factors. In my last job I was process engineer and I was in charge to modify the layout of the production lines if it was necessary. Also when a line would start to produce a new design I had have to create the most appropriate layout for it.

A correct layout determine in some cases the efficiency in long term of many operations. It can helps to balance the production line. The main objectives of having a good layout are the following:

1-Greater and better use of space, people and equipment

2- An improvement in the flow of information, people and materials

3-A greater flexibility, that is, the layout must be prepared to be changed with agility at any time

4-Provide to the employees safely areas of work

A good layout follows rules and has a logical structure. Doesn’t matter where we are, all places are created by a layout and depending on it, it would be: office, warehouse, production line, and others such as our classroom case. Having U’s cells is most of the time the most successful way. Now we know why is important to have a good layout to reach more productive results.





One thought on “Why is important to have an appropriate Layout?”

  1. Good contribution. In addition to the interesting comments, I will give more detail of the types of distribution most used and the best circumstances in which they should be used.

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