What stressful are queues!

All of us in any moment of our life have been in a long line that make us stressful, angry and also uncomfortable. At the first years of my college I used to be more than two hours in a line to pay the semester. Here a real image of it:

Resultado de imagen de FILAS para pagar en la uasd


It was obviously that they didn’t analyse how to solve this problem during many years that occurred this amazing situation. Now the lines are not that long because we can pay by an electronic system. The queue system is influences by three factors, those are: length, number of lines and queue discipline, but this factors are not only in this case, are in all cases in any place.

Length: refers to lines finite or infinite, finite is a limited set of customers who use the system and occasional would create a line. An infinite one is a very long line related to the service system.

Number of lines: refers to have just a line because you have just a person who can provide the service or have many line (2, 3, 4, etc.) to bring a better customer service.

Queue discipline: refers to a rule or a set of rules that determine the priority order that will be provide to all the customers in the line. The most common rule is the first inside, the first outside, but also people with special conditions would be part of this rule.

Long queues are difficult problems not only to the customers that are waiting in it, also for the person in-charge to solve it is a frustrated situation. But all company that wants to be every day more competitive have to work with this uncomfortable moment. They should not just analyse the factors before mentioned, they also can try with the different queue models and apply the most suitable depending of the kind of service.




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