The future of retail. Case Amazon GO

Today, the new technologies have made possible great changes in the supply chain increasing profits. This post is going to focus in the retailers and how the technology has change, not only the logistics, but also the customer experience.

There are numerous companies that have developed new technology systems offering new possibilities to the client. For example, the apple customers can walk in the stores, scan a product with the Apple store app, charge the amount of money in the attached credit card and walk out without checking out. But Amazon has gone a step further with a new concept called Amazon Go.

Amazon Go brokes conventional supermarket wisdom creating a mix between online shopping and in-person shopping. The process is easy, you use an app to enter the store, then you take the product you want and leave, receiving automatically the receipt by email.

You can see how Amazon Go works in the video below.

As you can see, Amazon go uses mobile e-commerce, machine learning and computer vision in order to allow the clients to buy grocery products without a cashier. This technology accomplishes an easy and fast purchase experience.

The advance in technology not only improves the consumer experience also involves changes in the logistics.

This technology allows the obtaining of a high amount of big data. On the one hand, it automatically detects when a shelve is empty in order to restock it immediately. On the other hand, Amazon is able to know the stock in the inventory at every moment and has the enough data to make accurate forecast demands. Thus, with the data collection Amazon is able to have a perfect communication with the suppliers, a great inventory control and the possibility to make personal recommendations and offers easily.

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