E-commerce: The driver of green logistics

Spain is the fourth country in Europe to make more purchases through the internet, which is a challenge for companies in the sector, which don´t have the capacity to meet this demand. Coupled with shorter delivery times of digital orders, this is driving the growth of fleets of logistics operators.

In addition, due to pollution, some major cities such as Madrid or Barcelona restrict the entry of delivery vehicles to some areas of the urban center.

As a result, some delivery companies are making significant changes to their fleets, where electric vehicles are gaining weight. Specifically, Seur estimates a minimum term of 10 years to make the most of the urban distribution with electric vehicles, hybrids and other ecological transport.

Other projects, such as drone-sharing, pick-up boxes or the incorporation of small autonomous self-guided vehicles traveling on sidewalks, could play a key role in the future.

In my opinion

Often happens that, in order to adapt to the new demands of society, companies have to make changes in their procedures that not only solve a specific problem, but can also bring important benefits to society and the environment.


Investment in the development of more environmentally friendly transport models can not only translate into economic benefits for the company, but also contribute to the social and environmental development of our country.

It should be mentioned that Spain is an energy-depleted country and fuel consumption is 100% dependent on the exterior. This type of investment would help to reduce energy dependence as well as reducing pollutant emissions of CO2 and other gases harmful to the atmosphere, or noise pollution in cities.





Tamara Boronat

One thought on “E-commerce: The driver of green logistics”

  1. In my opinion, I believe that regardless of the existence of different types of transport, in general, all logistic companies have a negative impact on the environment.

    This is due to the invasion of the terrestrial environment or by the routes of terrestrial transit, a negative part of the logistics is the pollution that porporcia.

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