Are smart factories a smart idea?

More and more companies change their production facilities to so called smart factories. In such a smart factory the products and machines are connected over an internet of things and are able to control themselves and communicate with each other.

In this video you can get more information about smart factories and the movement behind it, industry 4.0:

But what does this whole automation mean? Machines and products take over human tasks, so what will the future bring for all the people working in factories?

The solution is not saying machines instead of people, it’s combining the intelligence of the machines with the intelligence of the people. Therefore, a good education will be more and more important in the future!

But one thing is for sure. The development towards industry 4.0 is inevitable if a company in a developed country wants to stay alive. With all the competitors and the price pressure due to globalisation it is hard to find ways to reduce costs and industry 4.0 is the most efficient one (long term perspective and in combination with others like Lean managenent). If they don’t change anything, they will probably move the plant to cheaper countries which would in the end increase even more the unemployment.

So, YES smart factories are a smart idea

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