EUROTUNNEL: Direct connection UK-Europe

I heard recently about the Eurotunnel, the one that connects underground the United Kingdom with France through the English Channel, and suddenly came to my mind as an engineer the megastructure that they have made to connect underwater both countries to enhance the business relationships between UK and Europe. But not only that, I realised the huge importance of the logistics in this way, so I started investigating news related with it.

Resultado de imagen de eurotunnel

I founded the influence of the e-commerce over that building and it is awesome the repercussion over it. During the previous year, shipping packages of companies operating online in the UK grew 16.3%, reaching 165 million euros.

Currently, the private company that manages the Eurotunnel has announced that will increase its capacity a 20% to attend the growth of the electronic commerce, owing to the cross-border sales boom between UK and the rest of Europe. Three new daily trains, with thirty-two car wagons will link France and the south of England, so that eighteen convoys will cross daily in 2017 and which will suppose an investment of 40 million euros that will be used for the construction of three new shuttles.

The Eurotunnel service transported 1.36 million trucks in 2013 and it is expected a growth until the 2 millions of trucks in 2020.

Following, there is an attached video where you can observe how they made it.


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