Common items that can be dangerous

Lots of firecrackers have been bought during these Fallas, but I have never seen how they are downloaded and stored in the warehouses of the stores.  Because of that, I began to investigate about the transportation of dangerous goods, what it is defined as every item or substance which, if it is not well manipulated, could cause damage to people or environment.

Resultado de imagen de dangerous goods

So below that definition, there are many products that do not seem to be dangerous but they are, and because of that they should be declared before their transportation.  I include a table with the most amazing ones.

Product Potential danger
Air conditioning May contain gases under pressure
Car parts May include carburetors, conduits or tanks that may contain gasoline.
Computer equipment May contain uninterruptible power supplies with electricity storage batteries, magnets on speakers, and printing ink.
 Cosmetics  May contain flammable liquids.
 Frozen food  May contain dry ice
 Laundry supplies  May indicate strong bleaches or oxidising treatments for tissues.
 Office supplies May contain aerosols, ink for printing, both flammable and non-flammable, uninterruptible power supplies with electricity storage batteries.
 Photography supplies May contain acids, corrosive materials, lyes, or poisonous materials.
 Weather equipment  May indicate the presence of mercury-containing devices.

So when making a shipment it must be important to declare dangerous goods, because if not you are the responsible of the damages caused by merchandise in case of an accident.


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