Using technology to innovate and enhance every industry has become something very usual nowadays. The technological advances of the last years have allowed companies to develop and implement IT systems in its daily routine. In this post, I would like to introduce you Otto, the self-driving truck developed by Uber which is being already used in the transportation industry.

Rethinking Transportation

Otto is designing a new approach to modern transportation, starting with self-driving trucks. Currently, Otto’s truck doesn’t seek to substitute drivers, but help them in they daily work and improve their lifestyles making money for them while they are taking a rest or doing another stuff.

Because of long-haul transit is vital for nearly 70% of the things we buy, Otto has the commitment to develop this technology with the commitment to enhance our lifestyles and looking for the common interests. With Otto, deliveries will take less time than in the traditional way, because the machine doesn’t get tired, therefore while truck driver is taking a rest, the self-driving truck will continue with the journey and the goods will arrive soon, saving not only CO2 emissions but also money and time. Hence, trucks can make more deliveries and become more efficient matching with all the demand of goods.Another and interesting point of Otto is the safety, due to most of the fatalities are occurring in the highway are because of human mistakes and with Otto’s technology this will be reduced considerably.

In conclusion, will be interesting to see in the coming years how this technology is taking place in the industry. Moreover, the fist self-driving truck delivery took place in Colorado, USA, where a self-driving truck delivered 50.000 cans of beers.




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