HOF3M: El Bodeguero

While looking for a company that suits with the HOF3M project, I remembered that I have a friend in Colombia who was working with the farmers of his farm trying to get their crops more profitable. And that’s what exactly HOF3M is about; connecting the food consumer with the small producers in a sustainable way, having in mind the triple sustainability: economical, social and environmental.

El Bodeguero is a business model that brings food directly from the countryside of Santander (Colombia) to the comfort of your home. This family business began when the owner’s son decided to go to live in the farm and work in it, but he went back to the city during the weekends to spend time with his family. In that moment, he thought that he could take advantage of his weekends trips to the city to sell the products they have available in the crops. So, the freight will be almost cero because instead of driving an empty car, he would take products with him and sell them directly to the consumers. Then, there would not be environmental impact because those trips would be done with or without El Bodeguero.

In this case, El Bodeguero is the intermediary but if the farmers do not sell their product to them they will have to sell them in the market place of the countryside and have to wait for the market price that can vary depending on the provision of each product. El Bodeguero as the intermediary is giving the possibility to the farmers to sell part of their production at a better price and also help them to save the transport cost. What they are really trying to avoid are the intermediaries in warehouse, central stores, and supermarkets by taking their products directly to the consumer’s door, already selected and portioned for consumption.

The other way of business is that the producers can be employees of the farms that have their own vegetable garden for personal consumption and now El Bodeguero gives them the chance of selling the surplus; for these farmers the surplus is becoming an additional income.

El Bodeguero, is also watching forward our quality of life because they want to provide us with healthy and nutritional products. Therefore, helping us not to loose the privilege of having creole food by encouraging and motivating farmers.

In conclusion, this assignment gave me the chance to know more about this family business, how it works and how they are contributing to society. Below you will find the HOF3M project applied to El Bodeguero.

PP El bodeguero


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