Automated Parking Solutions in Logistics

About Innovation. Modern and innovative solutions and the improvement of logistic processes is for me a main criteria for sharing content in the blog of our subject. These automaded parking solutions are created by a German Start-up company “Serva Transport Systems” in a joint development project with the science organisation “Fraunhofer IML.” To safe space in a car warehouses they innovated with an automatic parking system for passenger cars.
Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-20 um 17.25.44.png
What is the difference, what is new?
Compared to previously known automatic parking systems, no specific building equipment in the form of rails, shelves etc. is required. The use in any conventional parking garage – especially in the form of retrofitting – is therefore possible. The patent pending procedure consists of free-moving, variable-length driverless transport vehicles (out of the German language it means short: FTF – for Driverless Transport Vehicles) with laser navigation and laser sensors for the measurement of passenger cars. The FTF can thus automatically take, place and transport passenger cars.

The benefit. The reducing of the neccesarry space through the minimized distance between the automaticly sorted cars, the result is a 40% higher area utilization ratio compared to conventional car parks. Due to the simultaneous use of several FTFs, a high system performance can also be achieved.

Conclusion. I hope you like the idea and the post. Serva transport systems also applied for a patent on this laser-automatic-parking system. Saving space will, especially in logistics, get more and more important.

Marius Heinzel

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