Huertea: Ecological Agriculture

Huertea is a familiar business with its fields located in Ribera del Duero. It is focused in ecological agriculture and allows the customer to reserve a plot where Huertea will plant, water and take care of the favorite ecological vegetables.  The harvest is done between April and December and include a home delivery service.

How does Huertea work?

First of all, the customer has to subscribe in their webpage and select his favorite vegetables. The client will be able to see photos (in the webpage) of the plot and track the progress of the vegetables growth. Huertea also gives the customer the oportunity to visit the plot, however, it is only allowed at certain times.

When the vegetables are ready, the staff do the gathering by hand and the delivery is done to the address specified in the subscription, between April and December.

Economical, social and environmental sustainability

Huertea is willing to preserve their customers health. They do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides nor preservatives.

It  also contributes to the environmental sustainability. They use ecological agriculture methods and do the watering with a dripping system, which reduces the water and energy consumption.

I invite you to watch the following  video (in spanish). This video explains what is the model about in just 80 seconds.


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