Why are online supermarkets failing in Spain?

Online spuermarket

E-commerce is growing up quickly in Spain. Since alimentation moves around 4% of the money in the country, inclouding online supermarkets and delivery services companies such as Just Eat or La Nevera Roja.

Nowadays in Spain there are two main online supermarkets: Ulabox and Tudespensa. They not only provide plenty of products to the final consumer but also, this supermarkets delivery the products in their clients houses. Besides, they avoid the wholesaler and intermediaires of the distribution chain in this sector.

However, some of them (such as Alice.com) could not survive due to the difficulty of changing the consumer’s habits and several logistic problems like the lack of multi-temperature logistics operators, that allow to transport the food in the proper temperatures. Moreover, this specialized trucks have different compartments, each one related to a different temperature to transport a specific product. They are essential in order to give a competitive service, comparing to the traditional supermarkets. Without this technology, it is difficult for the customer to trust in this business due to the fact that the food may not have the appropiate conditions when arriving to the client and at the present time there are very few companies providing this service.



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