Emergency Logistics

In one of the last lectures we have discussed about the different ways of transporting goods like using terrestrial, water, air or pipeline methods. We have seen the differences for road transportation using a full truck load, less than a truck load or a package delivery.

But what can companies do when they need a really urgent and secure delivery for a special product?

The solution in such a case could be a so called On-Board-Courier Service. These Couriers transport important but handy goods personally as a normal passenger on board of an airplane to the place where it is needed.

The normal procedure is the following:

A customer needs an urgent transport from point A to B. That can be human organs, art objects or spare parts for the industry. For example when a production plant stops because of the absence of a certain spare part, it can cost the company and arm and a leg. The customer contacts the on board courier service which will forward the order to one of their on-board couriers. He is responsible now, that the freight arrives as fast as possible.

In the following industries the on board courier service for emergency logistics is daily routine nowadays

  • Automobile industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Medical logistics
  • Offshore
  • Aircraft on ground


The job as an on-board courier is an interesting and exciting way of making some extra money for students or highly flexible people, because the working hours vary every time and also on Sundays as well as on holidays on-board couriers must be prepared to take an order. The remuneration per order starts from 150 Euro and can go up to 500 Euro, depending on distance and duration of the mission.

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