3 weakness of agrifood supply chains

Lack of transparency in the supply chain system

If the next actor of the supply chain hasn’t a good relation with his supplier when the supplier would have a problem with its farming, the next actor will realize too late to solve the problem so the supply chain will break.


Lack of communication between all the supply chain participants

This weakness is closely related with the first weakness. In order to be transparent, it is needed a fast and reliable communication system between the participants. It is needed to know when the order is ready, but also to communicate problems from the supplier, or even problems from the customer or the end of the supply chain to the supplier.


Lack of information for the customer

Increasingly often, customers want to know more about the product that they are buying. “Where it is from?” and “How it was cultivated?” are the most frequently questions. Give this information could be a good marketing strategy by differentiating our product from our competitors. A good way to solve this problem and it also very used could be create some videos where the customer could answer their questions and link it to the product by a QR code.


In conclusion

To manage an excellent supply chain, it is needed to compile and share the information automatically and in real time. For this reason, is important to invest in R&D and technology that manage the information in an efficient way.




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