Environmental sustainability vs Globalization

During the last years environmental sustainability became more and more important. Back in the days, to be sustainable was only an unnecessary cost factor. Nowadays, there are even governmental regulations regarding safety of the environment and it is state of the art that big companies have a sustainability strategy.. at least in Europe.

The reason why I write about this topic is because I spent two months working in Shanghai.. where they definitely do not have such awareness of global warming. On the picture you can see the air pollution in Shanghai.



Although many big companies have already anchored a sustainability strategy in their over all goals, they still have huge CO2 emissions due to international distribution. With the globalization the need of transport raises and the delivery time became a critical decision factor.

What can be done

There are several things that companies as well as customers can do. I will only mention very few of them:

  • Carbon capping (defining a maximum amount of CO2)
  • Investing in renewable energies for own energy demand
  • Transport only in FTL
  • Improvement of processes to save energy/material
  • Using of synergies (e.g. use hot steam from production for heating office buildings)

Personal Conclusion

In my personal opinion, there should be global regulations about environmental sustainability because in the end it is our own planet that gets destroyed if nothing gets changed. There are many ways of being sustainable but especially low cost companies can’t afford that. I rather pay a little more when I know it is better for the environment.



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