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Consum is a Spanish cooperative that distributes grocery, house and beauty products with the strategy of variety, quality and price.

The cooperative counts with 684 supermarkets and 6 logistic centres in Spain.

In particular, this post will focus in the Consum logistic centre located in Silla that is responsible for storing and distributing Consum and Charter supermarkets dry feeding, drugstore, perfumery and bazaar products.


Since its inception, the Silla warehouse had to deal daily with a huge variety of products resulting in a constant flow of goods coming in and out of the logistic centre.

In addition, the warehouse has to continuously adapt the products to the load unit demanded by the supermarket. For example, the big Consum supermarkets, frequently located in the city centres, request full pallets of usual products and the outskirt supermarkets ask for half pallets or a lower load unit.

Due to this, the company had problems to optimize the plant space falling thus into a decrease in efficiency and increase in costs.


Consum, in order to solve the problems in Silla’s plant and to equalize the main competitors as Mercadona, decided to automate the logistic platform with help from the ULMA company. They decided to divide the logistic platform in two buildings, the first one, intended for silo and the second one for picking.

The building created to store high rotation products took up 5527 square metres and has a height of 30 metres. It is equipped with 9 automatic stacker cranes with 18368 locations. This automated store system is able to manage automatically all the incoming and outgoing of ½ pallet load, ¼ pallet load or europallet being able to lead order processing automatically. In adittion, this system allow to fit the demand of big and small stores.

On the other hand, the second building has 8855 square metre surface with 6 elevators and 12 transfer carriages, where the staff is able to manage small demands and low rotation products.

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As a result Consum has achieve the construction of a sustainable plant with a big technological bet that got the optimization of the plant, a hard decrease in the mistakes, a productivity increase and an improvement in the working conditions in the platform.

Click to see how the Silla plant works after this refurbishment.

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