The logistics of Inditex is admirable. Its strategy consists of having a wide number of subsidiaries around all the world, but one single headquarter in Spain, specifically in Galicia. This headquarters works as a distribution point for all the company, distributing to all their stores worldwide, twice a week their requested products.Therefore, with this logistics system, Inditex avoid the accumulation of stock and get that all the stores can renew their offer constantly.

Resultado de imagen de inditex logistica

The internal communication of the company is a key point of this rapid distribution, even achieving that all the stores around the world get the products at the same time. For instance, the stores of japan get the products at the same time that the stores of France.

Regarding the means of transport, Inditex uses land and air transport, depending on the destination.

Finally, have a look at this video, which basically contains all the information that I have already wrote but visually, so you can strengthen all the main ideas.

Enjoy it.

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