Kanban makes logistics easier!

Why Kanban?

In my further work experience I always prefered methods which make processes easier. The japanese Kanban system is a great possibilty to make the logistic structure easier. Methods like Kanban are always good to know.

What is Kanban?

Kanban is an effective tool in a scheduling system for supporting manufacturing. It is a japanese process and comes from the “map.” Kanban in the process is actually ment to be the central necessary information. The Kanban flow is about realizing when the stock needs to be filled up in time. The information chain creates a new order for material. If Kanban runs there will not be any stucking in the production. But there will also not be too much material in the stock. It is about the ordering “right-in-time-when-needed.”

Especially for students it is always interesting to learn about processes. Kanban can be found in different areas and a huge amount of companies are using it. (Started by Toyota!) Kanban is about good communcation and creating transperancy.

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