Logistics as a source of competitive advantage: Calconut, case of success.

We have always been said that logistics can be a source of competitive advantage.

Looking at Amazon it seems like only those monster companies can achieve this competitive advantage by size and capabilities. But logistics can help not just the big ones but small ones too.

Here, we are about to see a case model of how a small company can extremely optimize its logistics and get unbelievable profits!

A Spanish company from Almeria, named Calconut. They are global nuts traders. In 2012 its total income was 8 million euros, and just in 3 year, they committed to multiply that quantity by 15, achieving a total income of 126 million of euros. Let’s see a bit more about Colcanut.

Having a look on the video we arrive to the key of the calconut’s success, an innovative logistic management.

As one of the main slogans of the company, “Our warehouse is the Ocean, nuts in time”, its strategy has been focused on delivering their products as fast as possible by optimizing its logistic process, based on maritime transport. They use the fastest and cheapest maritime ways, and are able to change containers from one ship to another fastly, “without unloading the container”, as they say.

Just in a few years, thanks to its efforts on improving their logistics and achieving this competitive advantage in the market, income growth has reached them to top 20 nut’s trader. To have an idea of what this means, just by improving its sales thanks to its logistics innovations, nowadays they are ranked as the number 11 biggest nut importer country in the world, just being a company.

This is just one successful story, but it is crowded of them in the business world. I just tried to share this information in order to highlight one thing, Logistics can improve a companies performance hugely, so let’s take it seriously.





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