The problem of Retail Storage Distribution Network

When we go shopping, most of the times we are being involved, as customers, in a Retail Storage Distribution Network, which means that we have bought a product (in a physical store or via online).  Thanks to this type of distribution network we are free to choose, between different brands, which product is the most suitable to our needs or preferences.

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From this side, everything is perfect.  The customers are satisfied because they have at their disposal a huge variety of unique products; the retail stores get a sale (and sales are their objective) and the manufacturer get a customer who will be faithful to the brand if the product reaches his/her expectations.  But, what happen when something goes wrong?

In September 2016 I bought a Sony smartphone in Media Markt.  By the beginning of 2017, the smartphone stops working and thanks to the warranty I was able to go to Media Markt with the intention of getting it fixed.  Today, I am still waiting for that and I have already gone to Media Markt five times because they notified me that the smartphone was fixed (and in fact, it was not). 

Why does this happen?  I am pretty sure information has something to do.  If I were able to personally contact Sony, I would explain the problems that I had experienced some days ago before the smartphone stopped working.  Although Media Markt should explain them carefully in order to help the technical service of Sony to find faster a solution, it seems that they don’t do that probably because they have lots of incidences similar to mine.

What I want to express in this post is that the exchange of information between parts of the supply chain is something very important, and people normally don’t pay enough attention to it.

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