Metrobus logistics

Metrobus is the company of Metropolitan buses of Valencia, which is also known by the citizens as the “yellow buses”, whose job is to connect the city with the metropolitan area and the suburban zones. I choose this topic because it is my everyday problem, I live in a condominium near Valencia and the only way to get home is by using the Metrobus or taking a taxi, if I don’t have a car, which is my case. So, the affordable option for me is using the Metrobus, the problem with this bus is that it has low frequency, which means that the busses passes through the station every hour and if you can not reach the bus you must wait an hour for the next one or if you are in a hurry, take a cab. The other problem of this line of buses is the hour they began to pass everyday in the morning, the first busses passes through my place is at 7:16 am, there is not another earlier so if people had class or need to get to work before they just can’t with public transportation. Additionally, the latest bus that goes back from Valencia is at 20:46 pm, which is not that late on the evening, so going back home is also limited. Finally, for the weekends as it is normal on public transportation the frequency is much lower but in this case is exaggerated because people only have 3 chances for going out or going back. This is an example of a Metrobus schedule:

fullsizerender-2The Metrobus is in charge of providing service of public transportation to Valencia and the entire metropolitan area. Eight companies joined to build the Metrobus: Auvaca, Edetania Bus, Avsa-Autos Vallduxense, Fernanbus, buses Buñol, Buses Herca, Urbetur and Alsa. These companies had to paint their buses with yellow painting so people could recognize them; there are the fifty-eight (58) lines:  Line 161: Valencia-Alaquàs-Hospital Manises; Line 180: Valencia-Albal; Line 103: Alcàsser-Silla; Line 182: Valencia-Silla; Line 160: Valencia-Aldaia- CC Bonaire; Line 146: Valencia-Benaguasil; Line 105b: Vilamarxant-Benaguacil-Llíria; Line 105a: Vilamarxant- Riba-roja; Line 106: Quart de Poblet-CC Bonaire-Torrent; Line 107: Barrio del Cristo-Platja El Saler; Line 110: Valencia-Puçol; Line 111: Valencia-Port de Sagunt (por N-340); Line 115: Valencia-Port de Sagunt; Line 112: Valencia-Port Saplaya-Platja P. Farnals-El Puig; Line 120: Valencia-Moncada; Line 130: Estació Metro Empalme – Parc Tecnològic (por Burjassot); Line 130a: Estació Metro Empalme – Parc Tecnològic (por Facultat); Line 131: Valencia-Mas Camarena; Line 185: Valencia-Benifaió; Line 281: Valencia-Benifaió-Benimodo; Line 140: Valencia-Paterna; Line 145: Valencia-Llíria-Gestalgar; Line 150: Valencia-Manises-Aeroport; Line 155: Salt de l’Aigua- Riba-roja; Line 158: MARTXANTBUS-Valencia-Vila Marxant (directo); Line 170: Valencia-Torrent-Vedat; Line 181: Valencia-Picassent; Line 231: Estación metro Bétera-Hospital Dr. Moliner; Line 171: Valencia- Urbanización Cumbres de Calicanto; Line 101: Bº La Magdalena -Platja P. Farnals; Line 102: CIVIS-Sagunt-Port de Sagunt; Line 183: Valencia-Sedaví; Line 186: Valencia-Centre Penitenciari; Line 190a: Valencia- El Perelló; Line 190b: Valencia-El Palmar-El Perelló; Line 190c: Valencia-El Perelló-Mareny Blau; Line 191: Valencia-Playa de El Saler-Urb. Les Gavines; Line 201: Massamagrell-Serra; Line 230: Bétera-Serra; Line 260: Valencia-Godelleta-Turís; Line 265: Valencia-Cheste-Yátova; Line 266: Valencia-Cheste; Line 285: Valencia-Sollana-Cullera and Line 290: Valencia-El Perelló-Faro de Cullera.


Since it is an everyday problem for public transportation users, the frequency of the buses should be increased, and that will be a way of improving the service and increasing its efficiency. Maybe from Valencia’s transportation department perspective it is not profitable to increase the frequencies because they should have done studies about the amount of people who are using the service in the different hours and it is not that much. Therefore, it is a possibility that they have not change the busses frequency  because in their point of view it is not necessary but it should be a good idea to do another study and look for other possible options.


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