Amazon, the master of logistics


The company founded in 1994 has become in the last five years in the giant of the ecommerce. This is mainly due to the amazing management of the logistics with an innovative management system of stocks, which reduces the time between the ‘click’ and the delivery.

The biggest warehouse of the company in Spain is in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid), which has 32.000 square meters is going to be extended to 77.000 square meters by adding 12.000 square meters tall and the construction of storage towers.

Amazon has 29 warehouses in 7 different countries and between them, they have developed a logistical framework that connects each one as a node of a great network. Thus, when someone buys something in a country, the system automatically detects the stock of all the stores and the commitment of delivery and assigns in milliseconds the order to the nearest center of the network, which can be the one of Spain, Germany or Italy.

Another of the great innovations of the company is the stock system. Instead of classifying the products by categories, the location of the products is done randomly “If we ordered the products by categories, to put together two different articles, for example a book and a bottle of wine, we would have to walk much between one zone and another of the store”, they explain. With this system, the company seeks to reduce to the maximum the displacements of its employees and with this the time between the ‘click’ and the delivery. Moreover, they have implanted a system that calculates the shortest route when searching for several different items in the same trip through the store.

Following, there is a clip about the inside of an Amazon warehouse:


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