Shoppings clubs & ‘Kapeju Decor’

Today I am going to talk about the company I work for and how we manage the logistics and warehouse I am not able to say the name of the company so from now we are going to call this company ‘Kapeju Decor’

Kapeju Decor is selling furniture and decoration through the internet, specially our clients/customers are the shopping clubs around Europe, so first I’m going to introduce the shopping clubs and the way are working.

The shopping clubs are ‘private clubs’ where you have to be registered to see what they are selling, usually they sell exclusive brands with special offers for a limited time, that is a selling campaign. So these shopping clubs are the way that Kapeju Decor is reaching the final customer.

I am going to divide this post in two parts:

  • How kapeju decor produce its products.
  • How kapeju decor sells its products.

First to continue with the shopping clubs I am going to talk about

How kapeju sells its products:

There are some steps that they follow, first they design their own products and they look for a supplier that can made that product for them in the price and in the time that is required, then they establish the dates of the next campaigns in the sopping clubs, three weeks before starts the selling campaign kapeju have to send the list with the products, the prices and some samples, if all is correct then the campaign starts and completes. And now is when the production machine start to produce.

How Kapeju produce:

The business model of kapeju is not based on having the products that are selling in stock, they are in a very trend market that changes very fast so, how can they sell products through the internet without stock in less than 12 days?

This  is how it works, before the selling campaign is active on the shopping club, Kapeju decor makes its own safe and prepare everything to start to produce, kapeju control their suppliers to avoid problems or lacks of raw materials or anything that can make the production line stops. Once the campaign is active, kapeju receive the provisional sells and communicate to the suppliers to start producing, and then when the campaign finish kapeju have around 10 working days to deliver the goods to the warehouse of the shopping club that usually is in other country. When the goods are finished, 2- 3 days before the deadline, kapeju contract a transport company to send the goods in a trailer, all the suppliers of Kapeju are in the Valencian Community, so the trailer have to pass over every supplier warehouse to pick up their goods and when the trailer finish to pick goes directly to the destination arriving on time and distributing the goods.

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