Platoon of Autonomous Trucks

Camiones autonomos


Six major manufacturers in the world of trucks have demonstrated that their autonomous vehicles can travel on the roads of Europe. Among them are giants like Daimler, Scania and Volvo, which we had already taught at one time or another their progress with intelligent vehicles.

The initiative is organized by the Dutch government, and by the name of European Truck Platooning challenge . A squad truck – at least a dozen – plagued technology that allows you to move independently, one after another. They have been circulating for a week, the largest independent exercise we remember in the old continent.

The teams began their journey from different parts of Europe, but the end of this adventure was in the Port of Rotterdam. The intention of companies and organizations involved is to show other governments on the continent that can carry goods with some autonomy.

One participant is Scania, a company of Volkswagen. They tell us that has been circulating autonomously for more than 2,000 kilometers, spanning four borders. No accident has occurred in the time taken tests.

The concept of assembling a squad with autonomous vehicles call it “platooning” and comment that can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%, thanks to the proximity that can lead to another. We understand that the system is more complex, but in short we can say that the way to connect is through WiFi vehicles.

In the following video you can see what happened, it is quite long, even collects part of the final conclusion:


Another example of how automation is looking to be efficiently involved in all distribution channels. This technology can only be applied on motorways, but it represents a dark future for truck drivers, who see their work is gradually replaced by safer, ecological and less expensive solutions.

Victor Vera



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