Big companies are actually the ones introducing robots into the warehouse. However this innovative technology has allowed the creation of new companies dedicated in this sector, in the development on robots, which will be introduce in a close future into the diary activity in a manufactory, etc.

Many are the questions about robots. Its shape, possible disadvantages, benefits, dangers, and so on. Some of this question may be answer giving some examples of companies that are already using some robots.

I. Amazon: use square, simple and with wheels, which are connecting with WIFI, in order to receive orders, from the Amazon´s informatics system. Point that should be underline is that the robots are able to get adapted to the speed of the worker ( when he is doing the picking)


  • Weight 145 kg
  • Able to lift up 340 kg
  • Speed 5,5 km/h

Amazon believes that the logistic by robots in big warehouses increases the efficacy. Amazon will hire 170 engineers in Varsovia. With the new innovations in robotics, let the win capacity in storage 50%. Also, let to process the orders faster between the click and the delivery.


II. Coca-Cola Iberian Partners, introduce (in it´s Warehouse in Galsacano) at the end of October the conclusions of the European Project Pan-Robots à intelligent truck that it will revolutionize logistics buildings and warehouses. The main objective is to develop and validate an automated system base in LGV (laser guided trucks).


  • Able to identify person
  • Delete blind points
  • New improvements: more flexibility, speed and freedom
  • Increment of the productivity

⇒ Pan-Robots trailer:

⇒ Pan- robots Projects AGV (in this warehouse only are working robots) HIGHLY REMCOMEND IT TO SEE

III. Starship is a company that propose the shipping of small parquets, in an independently way. In 5 a distance of 5 kilometers between the packaging and the delivery.


  • Not driver
  • Speed 6 km/h
  • 9 kg load
  • The travel is controlled by the end customer through an APP
  • Reduce the distribution cost between 5 and 10 times



IV. Construction Robotics has design a robot that will increase the productivity, thanks to its capacity of laying bricks at high speed. Whereas a builder is able to locate between 300 and 500 brick in a day the robot is able to locate 800 and 1200 in a day. So the human work together with the robot is the same as 3 builders in terms of productivity.

⇒ See how Sam works:


¤ Sum up, it is estimated that more than the 50% of the warehouses’ workers will be replace by robots in a period of ten years. Even the new sophisticated technologies for storage and picking will be, also change by robots. ⇒But, however it depend on the economic profitability productivity by works hours plus the labor cost and the change for the robots. At the same time it is needed more research and investment to achieve the mains goals without any danger.–un-robot-carretilla-que-revolucionara-el-terreno-logistico


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