Solution for multichannel logistics

Together with the company GRENZEBACH, BLG LOGISTICS yesterday presented the robot-assisted storage and picking system „G-Com“ at BLG’s Frankfurt logistics center. G-Com is an innovative, dynamic, and scalable order picking system.

BLG was the first company in Europe to apply a robot-aided logistics concept. The central element of this new concept, which has been demonstrating its effectiveness in regular operation since October 2014, is that people no longer have to go to the racks, but the racks come with the goods to the people.

This is made possible by a technical system developed by Grenzebach. “G-Com” is based on the idea of a mobile order picking warehouse: the racks are taken to a multifunctional, flexible and, on top of that, ergonomically designed pick station (“stargate”) fully automatically. The rugged intelligent transport vehicles with a low design height used for this purpose (“Carrys”) slide under the mobile racks, lift them up and transport them via a defined route to the so-called stargates.


Flexible G-Com System

The crucial criterion for installation of G-Com is at the same time its greatest advantage: In the logistics center at Hanauer Landstraße, Frankfurt, there are 800 racks and 75 carrys, and the goods are picked to five „Stargates“. For BLG LOGISTICS, the scalable storage and picking system works according to the principle „you only buy what you need“ and it can be dynamically adjusted to changing market conditions and customer requirements. If the order volume increases, for example, either more transport units can be added to increase the performance or additional racks can be installed to increase the capacity. The number of carrys is based on the number of stock placements and removals per hour and per day. Other factors are the planned number of shifts per day, the size of the warehouse, the average transport weight, and the number of putaway and removal bins.

Efficient, Ergonomic and Customer-Oriented

For the jury of the German Award for Supply Management the interplay of several factors was convincing and decisive for their selection – technology and customer orientation, efficiency by minimizing distances in the warehouse, ergonomics by virtue of these reduced distances and a lower number of lifting operations as well as mobility, scalability and flexibility of the system which, for its part, can relocate.

This way of logistics is really impressive, it could cut up the errors and wasted time, but on the other hand people are loosing jobs, so probably not in many countries it could be good. But possibly in near future most of logistics company will use this way.

I advise you to see a short video, that explaining how it works on practice.


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