Drones supplying.. yes or not?

It is in fashion right now to heard about drones being used as ‘air trucks’ without pilot: Cheaper and faster. But are they possible in Spain? and legal?

Amazon, the international monster supplier is working on that very hard. And actually the prototype has been already built, the world knows its apperance. “The design allows long fly at a very low cost, to descend and then ascend with great security and agility distances,” said Kristen Kish, project spokesman Amazon Prime Air.

The weight is less than 25 kg, and the dream the company will follow is to deliver a package with less than 30kg in 30 minutes as maximum. Obviuosly (we cannot expect less from Amazon in a situation like this) the security will be really high, with several sensors called “Perceives and avoids”.

“Drones will not be in the real world until we can prove that they are truly safe” Kish asured.

But we wonder… and what in Spain? laws allow this kind of traffic?

Nowadays the answer is: not.

paquetes drones

The drones law is right now provisional, and a the end of 2015 was supposed the release of the new one, however without a confirmed parlamente was not possible, and as still we have not stablished goverment, this task is becoming more and more longer.

The Director of (AESA) Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea has already sent the law to ministers involved, but without a confirmed goverment that’s not possible.

The project-law says:

  • Flight within urban core is allowed, without maintaining visual contact with the drone.
  • From 2kg to 5kg: with the new law will be possible to pilot a drone of 5kg with a 500 metres of distance.
  • Fly in Controlled Airspace is allowed as well when before was not legal. Obviously, according some specific rules.

Then we can check how this segment will increase in Spain the next years, starting with the laws.


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