Seemoto – Cold Chain Solution

Meshworks Wireless, owner of Seemoto branded solution, and imec Messtechnik announced that they have started a co-operation which aims to provide an end-to-end solution for cold chain monitoring to the Pharma, Food and Transportation industries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Complete solution for easy and automated tracking of temperatures and locations. Cold Chainers now provides this end-to-end solution for international cold chain monitoring to the Pharma, Food and Transportation industries. Meshworks Wireless (owner of the Seemoto branded solution) is a Finnish market leading vendor of solutions for monitoring assets location, measurements, conditions and environments. Seemoto provides on-line access to real-time and historical data of assets. Seemoto’s solution entails a combination of novel wireless sensors, polymorphic data, internet services, flexible reporting and information sharing. The company is currently expanding its footprint Worldwide.

Cold Chainers is an international oriented company specialized in monitoring and controlling the Cold Chain. The company, which is headquartered in Geldermalsen (The Netherlands), noticed an increased demand for monitoring temperature in the Pharma, Food and Transport industries. By working with Seemoto, Cold Chainers is able to offer a new, high end and flexible cold chain monitoring solution to its customers in these fields. Seemoto provides solutions for end-to-end Health Care cold chain monitoring. It includes comprehensive tools for medical tracking and product safety management creating automated processes with wireless multitasking sensors and cloud based web services. Seemoto enables monitoring and tracking of moving and static assets, like fridges, cold storages, warehouses, transportation boxes, trailers, and even over sea and air transported assets. It is extremely easy to install and scalable from the small businesses to the enterprise ones. Seemoto functionalities have been developed together with pharmaceutical wholesalers, logistical companies, hospitals and other cold chain participants to meet the needs of cold chain monitoring.

  • Seemoto – Reduce risks of non-compliance and product loss in your supply chain.
  • Seemoto solutions are developed for demanding food and pharma cold chain applications.
  • Seemoto provides dynamic and scalable solution for its customers and it is used in five continents by hundreds of companies operating in food, pharma and life science industries.

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