When a business is created, the project must address three key aspects called triple bottom line which are the environmental, social and economic sustainability. In connection with this line of work I defined an agro-food related business called HOF3M.

My project is related with the creation of a garden in the roof of the buildings. This garden would be managed by two workers. The first one is in charge of the irrigation installation and its management. The second one is responsible of planting and caring for plants, this person must plant the seeds of season, set irrigation conditions and reap harvest.


Figure 1. HOF3M proposal. Source: Own elaboration.

This project aims to be:

  • Environmentally sustainable. According with the web page of Plume Air Report ( nowadays it is increasing pollution in cities. By increasing the number of plants in urban areas CO2 can be reduced.
  • Residents can eat health food.
  • Economic. New technology facilitates the management of the crop.

The logistic of this project should be facilitated by the application of new technologies. For example, there are companies such as Phytech and Modpow which provide agricultural sensors. These sensors can study the crop state and send the information obtained to a web application. There are also other companies such as Dynamax ( that allows you to have automated irrigation systems by the use of sensors.


Figure 2. Phytech technology. Source: Reproduced from <>


Figure 3. Modpow technology. Source: Reproduced from <>

Aurea Jordán



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