Maritime trasport (part I)

In this post I would like to go a little bit into detail about the maritime transport. Many reasons encouraged me to research intensively about this topic and let you know.

First of all, I have been living most of my life in Valencia and Valencia´s port is the first in the Mediterranean sea. Since most things that one person uses throughout his or her day have been transported via an ocean freighter, maritime transport seems to be really important. Therefore, it is crucial to know how this way of transport works and how items reach their end users.

Maritime transport is possible thanks to tens of millions of cases of corrosion resistant steel standardized containers. It is the most useful way of transport internationally and finally because although we have already posted about maritime transport in this blog, none of the previous posts explained how it actually works.

The following photo shows the main and the secondary routes around the world, with “the Algeciras” being one of the most used routes.

routs. jpg


The main feature of the maritime transport is the huge weight and therefore quantity an ocean carrier is able to transport from one part of the world to the other. In this Video you can see the biggest carrier in the word.

Boats are becoming bigger each time, in order to create economies of scale. There are a few companies, which control the sector:  the Italian MSC, Danish Maersk, French CMA CGM, Taiwanese Evergreen and the Chinese Coscon. They possess more than one quarter of the boats and transport 43, 2% of the total weight that is carried in maritime transport. In more cases the international transport has arrangement between them, shipping companies and transport.

There are many businesses and industries related maritime transportation, for example companies of containers, shipping companies, and the agency transport companies, responsible for moving materials from the industrial area to the boat and from the boat to its destination. Because of their role, transportation agencies are considered to be the connectors between the firms and the shipping companies.

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