Sustainability & Inditex

Many are the topics about Zara, Inditex, its logistic,… but what about sustainable logistic?. Well since 2007 Inditex is making improvements in its logistic centers with the aim of achieve the LEED GOLD  certification (Massimo Dutti’s new logistics platform in Tordera (Barcelona) has already achieved LEED Gold certification, making it the first logistics centre in Spain to achieve this accolade.)

All the logistics centers are in Spain and are built and management by sustainability standards. Each platform has an environmental management system (certificated by ISO 14001 ) and all the employees had received environmental training.

Inditex´s growth comes with an inversion in sustainable logistic operations, that helps to reduce the impact in the environment. Its strategy is based on three different parts which are connected with: the distribution, sustainability in its logistic centers, and in the recycling of packaging

Nowadays, the transportation is made by external agents, that are why Inditex has created a tool to calculate the emission, considering the GHG PROTOCOL, proposing possible improvements to the logistics centers.

Some, of the improvements that had been introduced during the last years are: efficient lighting, climate control systems, renewable energy, eco-efficient ( stores: ) or the use of bicycle/ electric vehicles for moving around logistics centres

In reference to the recycling, it is possible find one example in the use of the cardboard boxes. The ones used for the materials transportation from the logistic center to the shops are used between six and eight times. The shops give back to the logistic centers all the boxes and the plastic hangers and alarms. In 2014, 100% of the alarms used in the stores were reused, recycling 672,377,823 units, as well as approximately 79 million plastic hangers used in the shipping of items to the store.

Sin títuloz

The compliance of the suppliers about the packaging following the “Znotmative”, and the commitment of the employees had let Inditex reduce its waste and improve the management, which has allowed re-use almost all the materials, alarms, fabric pieces, paper, plastic, etc. ” the Group’s offices, logistics centres and factories, essentially scraps of fabric, board and paper, plastic, wood and metal, is sent off for recycling. Thanks to this major effort, in 2014 we managed to recover 14,286,773 kilograms of product for subsequent recycling purposes.”

Find more information in its website:


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