Implication of Bruselas terrorist`s attack  in logistec management

All flights have been suspended at Brussels Airport following the two explosions which had killed 30 people and 230 more injured. The airport was lockdown betwen march 22 and 23 until 6:00 AM. All inbound flights was diverted to nearby airports in the region.

Source: 9 News

The cargo area of Brussels Airport was closed down for security reasons. Both cargo handling agents and customs officials ceased operations. As a result, no cargo can enter or leave the cargo area, resulting in significant impact to airfreight operations and was expect potential delays in cargo clearance. In case of urgent inbound cargo with final destination Brussels, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport can be considered as an alternative destination airport.

Also, the French-Belgian border was closed and French media sources reported that security at other French border points was heightened due the terrorist attacks. Additional police officers was deployed at the frontier and sensitive public areas such as transport hubs.

As precautionary measures, the UK also tightened its borders with Belgium and France and announced that intensify efforts at the UK-Belgian and UK-French border. This includes enhanced searching of inbound tourist vehicles, additional opening of car boots / transit vans, a heightened Border Force presence at ports, targeted Border Force presence at specific ports, with additional security checks on some flights and specialist search dogs deployed at key ports including St Pancras and Dover.

Eurostar services between London and Brussels was suspended, SNCB/NMBS train stations was closed. Thalys suspended all of its services, which operates in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Eurostar and Deutsche Bahn rail services was canceled; all trains from Paris was suspended.

In Netherlands also indicated that police was deployed to Hoofddorp Train Station, where an international train from Brussels was stopped.

In Paris, the Gare du Nord railway station was closed due a security alert, believed to be a suspicious item of luggage. The station are remain on heightened alert when it reopens as the terminal operates services to Brussels.

There are a lot of implications when occurt terrorist attack, as we can see there was closed airports, border, train station, services and reduce operation in logistic and other department across Eurozone and this affect all the operations arround the world.

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