When we study the process time we need to see the useless time to determine the improvements. One important aspect which can help us to reduce the useless time is the design of the workspace. We need to establish the area required based on the type of process or product offered, which influences the number of workers and machinery needed.

For the calculation of the workspace must be determined three surface types: static surface, gravitation surface and evolution surface. The static surface is occupied by the worker and machinery, gravitation surface is the necessary space to develop the work, and the evolution surface is the surface required for the routes of materials and workers. Thus the total area required to develop a job is given by the following formula:

Total surface = Static surface + Gravitation surface + Evolution Surface

To learn more about this calculation see the following document:  (p. 16 – 18)

We can see applied this knowledge to the mascletá ( The mascletà is performed in an enclosure, in front of Valencia town hall, in which the static surface would be determined by the workers, firecrackers and machines. The gravitation surface would be the full enclosure because, as you can see in the video, the workers move in the enclosure to provide the service. Finally, the evolution surface for this workspace would be the route that is done to move firecrackers from the factory to the town hall square and the pyrotechnical travel to the town hall balcony of Valencia.

In the same way, if you work in an office, the static surface would be formed by the worker, the desk, the computer and the office supplies. The gravitation surface would be the office, and the development surface could be the route that is performed to other offices, the printer or the room material.


Figure 1. Office distribution. Source: Own elaboration.

Outstanding image: Reproduced from <>

Aurea Jordán

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