Logistics in Fallas: the art of management

Fallas tradition (Festivity of International Tourist Interest)

Fallas are groups of huge painted cardboard and wood figures which depict current events and famous people. Each neighborhood makes its own Falla they are erected on one night known as the “plantà”, it is the moment when Fallas top part is finally put in place (15 th March).


Image 1. Fallas. Lovevalencia. <http://www.lovevalencia.com/programa-de-fallas-2016.html>. [Accessed: 03/17/2016].

“Plantà” Na Jordana 2016. See video 1, minutes 2.42-4.30.

Video 1. “Plantà” Na Jordana 2016. Youtube. <https://youtu.be/8QBNR5MoDIY>. [Accessed: 03/17/2016].

Logistics in Fallas

At the end of the first week of March “gondola trucks” invade the public atmosphere. This type of long and plane truck move the monuments from the artisan to the squares. At the “plantà” moment the Fallas community develops an important key factor because they represent the human resources for move and manage the Falla’s.


Image 2. Logistics Fallas. Dotahur. <http://www.dotahur.es/transportes-realizados/transportes-especiales-fallas>. [Accessed: 03/17/2016].


Image 3. Fallas transportation. ABC. <http://www.abc.es/toledo/ciudad/20150409/abci-fallas-camino-toledo-201504091301.html>. [Accessed: 03/17/2016].

The art of management

770 Fallas monuments require an effort of coordination of logistics and human resources. From my personal experience it is possible identify the following key issues for manage these monuments:

  1. Highly profitable pricing: Falla’s are based on the talent of the artist and the feelings of the viewer.
  2. Retail and on-line commerce: key partners throughout the world wide web (suppliers, customers, others).
  3. Business to business marketing: using social networks like Facebook or transportation logistic companies.
  4. Customer relationship management: this traditional work offer the possibility of stimulates the flow of information and materials using ICT Tools.
  5. Merchandising, advertising and promotion: is an important source of revenues in Falla’s commissions.
  6. Sales training and development: the guild brings together the development and enhancement of this work.
  7. Workplace mediation: traditional relation, from parents to children in some cases.
  8. Strategic and business plan: necessity of planify long term sustainability.
  9. Recruitment and selection: traditional artisan professional formation (FP) studies.
  10. Market research: promoted by falla’s commissions, artisan develop a research market for identify key partners and suppliers.


Image 4. The art of management. World4esolutions. <http://world4esolutions.blogspot.com.es/2015/03/management-and-administration.html>. [Accessed: 03/17/2016].

Throughout the fallas fabrication process

Fabrication of Fallas monuments. See video 2, minutes 5.10-7.14.

Video 2. “Fallas fabrication. Youtube. <https://riunet.upv.es/handle/10251/1658>. [Accessed: 03/17/2016].

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