After studying the logistics network of Spanish pharmacies, I would like to explain in this post why this topic is interesting and how wide the logistic system is. Before start reading the following post, it is important to note that the post is about the logistic in the pharmacies, which is different from the medical logistics regarding hospitals.

First of all, the process of pharmacy logistics begins at the local pharmacy, where the customer asks for specific products. With the customers’ demands, the pharmacy is able to determine their needs, and they can purchase their goods either directly at the labs or at different warehouses. The products are stored in different ways, e,g, in full-line wholesalers, such as corporations, in short-line wholesalers or in common warehouses, as well as in a cooperatives.

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The second aspect of the pharmacy logistics is the transportation, which is observable in two stages. The first stage is the transportation from the lab to the different warehouses and the second stage reaches from the warehouses to the end destination, i.e. the pharmacy.  It is important to underline that the transportation and the logistic patterns is a business of the labs and/ or the warehouses, implying that the pharmacies are not responsible for the transportation.

There are a big number of logistic partners who make the transportation between the warehouses to the pharmacies, such as:

All the logistics and transportation aspects are underlying rigid and specific standards, which is why they all adapt a similar way to transport the goods, based on the law of each country. Some of the logistic partners have a specific department just for the transport of pharmacies, like DHL Parma. It is possible to view all the information about the products, how to transport them and the different labs by clicking on the following website:

Furthermore, there are some congresses and fairs each year, where the involved parties have discussions about the relevant transport topics and its products and thereby implementing new, innovative and effective ways for the transportation and storage of drugs.  It is a meeting not only on a national but on an international level, which involves many countries.

In conclusion, the Spanish network around the Spanish pharmacies have to take a huge quantity of factors and players into consideration (labs, law, cooperatives, pharmacies, specialized logistic companies, huge number of workers) when transporting medical goods from one point to another. I am thrilled to observe the future development of that sector.


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