The aim of this post is to show you how there are some new companies, usually called start-ups, that are trying to introduce radical innovations in the logistics market.

One of the most used ways to transport goods is putting them into intermodal containers that will be transported by cargo ships, by trains or by trucks:


Image: Example of numerous containers on a cargo ship.

As a good logistic practice, most of the companies try to keep always the containers full of goods in order to reduce costs, but that is not always possible.

So, some guys (some of them from the UPV) saw this problem as a business opportunity and designed intermodal containers that can be folded, so they occupy much less space on cargo ships allowing to reduce the CO2 emissions.

The start-up from UPV is called Navlandis, and they say that their foldable container reduces the impact of empty containers in maritime transport in economic terms (by 50%), and in terms of CO2 emissions (by 16%). Navlandis achieves this by reducing the needs of space in transport, storage of empty containers and the charge-discharge operations, both by 80%.

The best way to understand how can be possible a folding container, you can watch the following video from another company that designs folder containers called Staxxon (it only takes 1:30 mins):


Therefore, I only wanted to share with you some innovations that can be applied for logistics and some of them come from really close to us.

Additional information:
News about Navlandis (English): http://www.climate-kic.org/start-ups/navlandis/
News about Navlandis (Spanish): http://www.economia3.com/2015/09/11/56329-la-startup-valenciana-navlandis-gana-un-premio-de-sostenibilidad-por-su-contenedor-maritimo-plegable/
Official webpage of Staxxon (English): http://staxxon.com/

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