When a process is going to be designed we must know the different types of processes that exist, these are: 1) By projects: one or a few products with a long production period, 2) Batch: different products in the facility are obtained, it can be job-shop or flow-shop, and 3) Continuous flow: always the same product in the same facility. One tool which can help you to identify the process is the product-process matrix.


Figure 1. Product-Process Matrix. Source: Reproduced from <>

Some factors influencing the design processes are capital intensity, the flexibility of workers, vertical integration, the customer participation in the process, the nature of demand, the level of quality of the product or service, the learning effect, the planning, and financial evaluation.

To optimize the production system, it must be simplified, machined, automate and integrate. For this, often are used CAD / CAM tools. Waiting time, transport time, and processing time should be established.

In the following video you can see from minute 2 the logistics facility of Desigual ( The process is an example of simplification, machining, automation and integration. You can see more information about the process design of Desigual in .

Aurea Jordán

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