People or machines ?

My last post was about the innovation in the warehouse but today I am going to talk about innovation in good distribution. Due to a lot of companies, big companies, are investing amounts of money in the innovation area and they have created automatic cars and trucks.

I’m want to show you the Mercedes Truck this iis scheduled for 2025, but truckers should not worry because the company has said they will still need human support. The truckers will oversees the autonomous system and the autonomous system will monitors the driver. In Nevada, EEUU, this type of trucks are already in the roads but only can use the autonomous system in the highways. These trucks can drive with real traffic and autonomous system helps to save fuel. You can see the Freightliner truck.

These companies want mantain the truckers but other as Google are creating a autonomous truck used to deliver home purchases without requiring the intervention of any human, it has a load area in which a kind of electronic storage, as we can see available in train stations, for example. These safes include a keyboard and various security systems. Also, the door of these compartments will also have a system that will read credit cards, in addition to accepting mobile payments, which means the user will be able to pay for the product to receive it directly. When the vehicle approaches the home where I have to make the delivery, the user will receive a warning message including a code so you can get your package. After that the truck can follow his way.

Advantages for this technology:
-Less delivery time.
-Less fuel.
-Less costs as much as for the company and the customer.
-More security.
-More effective because the truck driver can be reviewing the merchandise from the tablet. (Mercedes and Freightliner).

-Smaller number of persons employed (Google).
-New technology that can not be tested one hundred percent.

What do you think?

Alejandro Rodriguez Barea

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