Interesting Job Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution Network Design Modelling Consultants

Reading an article I found this job that it´s quite interesting:  Distribution Network Design Modelling Consultants.

What´s this job about  ???

  1. Customer location
  2. Order size and frequency
  3. Transport costs
  4. Transport vehicle types
  5. Transport modes
  6. Warehouse (Distribution Centre) size, location, resources, costs…
  7. Service level requirements
  8. Factory and supplier locations
  9. Ports of entry for imported products

Features and benefits of the supply chain modeling project work :

  • Reduced distribution costs
  • Improved understanding of customer service needs and options
  • Improved understanding of service costs
  • Appropriate balance of storage, inventory and transport costs
  • Graphical mapping of customer demand and density
  • Access to leading distribution network modeling tools and methods
  • Also, this type of work is often linked with customer profitability analysis, product profitability analysis and Cost To Serve (CTS) audits

             Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution Modeling - Network Design & Optimisation - Example Map

Example of a project.

Some others interesting articles about this:




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