Lean Logistic

The concept of lean logistic come from lean manufacture (is a theory which looked to reduce and eliminate all the wastes during the process). This theory was integrated into the Supply chain as a concept that involves reduction process, eliminating inefficient costs, improved runtime, increased speed and flow of information and continuous improvement in the quality of services provided During all the process. Lean logistics is an ongoing challenge, especially reducing delivery times “Door to Door” when the distances are great, if it’s clear that there are many parties involved.

There are a strong connection between LEAN and the culture of the “Six Sigma” because this takes advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of each discipline to create cultural and operational model that helps logistics´ managers to resolve issues that are complex by nature, while improving operations at all levels.

Lean is a continuation of Six Sigma (TPM develop by toyota) culture which seeks to minimize the variations in the events that must happen in the process, while searching for the margin of error in the process always tends to zero.

Logistics providers must always be clear about these customer we need to reduce inefficiencies and control variations in the processes we manage.


Lean Source: http://www.axonlogistica.com/articulos/LEAN%20LOGISTICS%20MODA%20O%20NECESIDAD.pdf

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