This week I had to prepare the El Corte Ingles case, so looking for information about this corporate I found an interesting article about an innovating services that El Corte Ingles launched past 15th of December.

This services is called ¨2 Hours Delivery¨and as the article sais it´s about the delivery in just two hours for a large number of items of different categories. The customer can choose, when he makes his purchase through the web http://www.elcorteingles.es, the possibility of receiving the goods within two hours at his home. The website itself tells the user which products may receive in that period of time, depending on the place of delivery and the stock available at the time.

I think it´s a huge leap in the market , nowdays time it´s very important and everybody wants to have everthing you want NOW or or at least as soon as possible .

Here you can see how they present this service  :


They go directly to the ¨problem¨….if you are looking for an urgent gift or a urgent solution …they have the clue !

It can be a big problem for competitors , it´s quite dificult to compete with this. Only with a lot of resources you can sustain such a service.


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