Mercadona’s case (second part)

Dear all,

According to the Mercadona’s case, I only want to share with you an interesting article that I have read today about a Data Centre that Mercadona built in Albalat dels Sorells. This centre has a huge computer that monitors all the information that comes out from each supermarket (like de number of sales for each product or even the information from the balances in which fruits and vegetables are weighted!) in order to be able to respond fast and provide each supermarket with the proper number of goods.

This case shows a combination between logistics and big data, because the technicians that are working in that centre are receiving the information that allows them to launch orders to suppliers to send products to the chosen supermarkets.

Actually, the aim of this centre is that a big company like Mercadona could has a fast response like use to have smaller companies.

You can read the article in the following link (but I am afraid that is only published in Spanish).

Joaquín Sánchez Planelles

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