Today’s publication is related to one of the supermarkets that I use to the weekly shopping. This is Carrefour supermarket, and I find it interesting to know how they are organized internally to carry out a good job and provide good service.

Carrefour originated from France, it is an international retailer that is the worlds second-largest and the largest in Europe, and it is a leader in the industry.

There are four kinds of stores in Carrefour:

  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarkets
  • Discount
  • Convenience

Cost of logistics:

cost logistics

His subcontrator Kuehne+Nagel is in charge of the management of a part of its supply chain. Carrefour has focused its efforts on creating a supply chain capable of satisfying the needs of all customers:

  • Response times
  • Reduced stock
  • Increase the quality of the supply chain
  • Control the costs of logistics operations

They also introduce new technologies into their processes. Carrefour sells a high number of products, including its own brands. Technological tools that allow all products to be available and in the best conditions:

  • Infolog
  • Scheduler

In the following image, we can see the flow of information processes of Carrefour.

flow information

In adition, they move to “river and rail” transport to reduce truck mileage and safeguard the environment. Furthermore, they minimize pallets size for effective inventory management.

They have an owner transportation system, but also they use a 3PL system (3PL = logistics services for part, or all of their supply chain management functions.)

ERP systems implemented by Carrefour backed by EDS.

Generix is the main Supply Chain Software provider. Integration of 3PL and logistics capabilities of Carrefour and suppliers.

Warehose management system provided by generix.

In the future, Carrefour will try to use green logistics technologies and will try to develop more efficient systems.

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