Logistics in Hospitals

Last day I went to the Hospital de la Ribera to visit a familiar, so I realized that in that floor there was more logistics than I could imagine. My doubts about how the staff (nurses, doctors, nursing assistant…) can handle and organize the materials and medicines that each patient will need, when I finished I had more clearly. Directly, I took some photos about storages and transportation modes in the floor.

In each floor there are two storages (Magatzem 1 and Magatzem 2) where they keep the boxes in shelves. As we can see in the photo, the shelf is divided in five shelves (five heights). Not only they store the boxes with medicines and materials in these storages, they also include the room necessities including the clothes for the patients, bathroom stuff and bed stuff.

StoragesTo guarantee a direct access for these materials (medicines, tools and materials that they need to treat the patients) they transport from the storage to offices. In each floor there are two offices, as we can see in the photo below, and next to these offices, there is a huge shelf, very close for the employees, and is divided with several departments. Inside of each department is deposited the specific material including a label outside with the name.

IMG_7473In reference to transport the medicines and materials that each patient need, they have a kind of cart, which we also can see in the photo, with numbered departments for each room (Each room has a number). They only have to revise what medicines will need each patient in data base and put it in the material cart. So, the nurses only have to load one time with the required medicines. Moreover, they have a registered datasheets that they can consult and take some notes while they visit the patients. Finally, they can start for the first room until the last one, without come back until their office to bring for each patient the medicines that they will need.

IMG_7477To sum up, seeing the photos could think that there are some aspects we could improve, regarding of several waste next to the offices, efficiently use of the space in the shelves or in the departments or even include a kind of cart with a computer system integrated to write down each time that you visit a patient room, the information that you later have to write in the office. But, the most important thing is that you also take into account that there are a lot of simple logistics applied in each different life scenario.

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