Efficiency in Logistics and its positive consequences in Marketing

 As in any other Departments of a company, efficiency orientation in Logistics doesn’t consists only in cost optimization, but also in the quality of the process. In this case, the quality variable would be related with the expended time and other conditions, such as avoiding or minimizing the number of damaged or lost packets.

It is recommendable then not to focus only in the input (cost) or in the ouput (quality or performance) of the process, but consider both as equal objectives and try to balance them.

Example: improvement of high service level and its increment in costs.

Although Logistics is usually seen just as an internal process of the company, which the final customer rarely knows or cares about, the truth is by achieving the efficiency on it not only the company wins, but also the customer results benefit from it.

On the one hand, reducing the delivery time is an advantage that need no further explanation. Even more nowadays, with the continuous increase of online sales.

On the other hand, having an efficient Logistics process companies can be able to provide tracking service to the customers while the packet is on its way to the destination, which not only helps to increase the confidence of the customer in the company but also makes difficult incur in loose of packets problems.

So, in conclusion an efficient Logistics process not only makes a company save an important amount of time and money, it also helps to increase sales, customer loyalty and improves the image of the company.




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