HP – improving logistics

Today everyone knows the HP brand, but not everyone has the opportunity to learn news about logistics company.

HP is a company trying to reduce each year the environmental impact of transporting its products around the world. Most of their software products and image are assembled in Asia.

However, most HP sales are in Europe and America. These products are normally transported by ship from Asia to distribution centers, and then to transport to their final destination, which is done by truck or rail.

The company usually use air transport for urgent deliveries and when the products are lighter, such as cameras.


Its logistics network uses fossil fuel for boats, trucks and airplanes. They know that these fuel emissions contribute to climate change and increase pollution, but can not measure these emissions because they use third parties to transport.

However, its logistics program design for HP improves transport efficiency and reduces energy consumption. They also have new packaging and transportation of the product, as they are the subject of pallets and truck loading.

In 2006 HP managed to reduce the environmental impact of transporting their products by the continuous transfer of air and maritime transport, and improving transportation planning and the use of pallets.

They have made great achievements improving logistics shipments, but among these achievements include the pallets program they have, which is to introduce plastic pallets weighing less than a quarter of the wood and require less energy for transport shipments.

Resultado de imagen de pallets de plástico vs pallets de madera   Vs    



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