Logistics in PortAventura

When I was younger I went to PortAventura, you had to prepare seeing the map and choosing a route to be followed, before arriving there and even you were at the park you couldn’t know in a certain way, with your map in your hands, if you were going in the choice direction.

Another important thing is that, you could lose your valuable time waiting to access to a ride. They don’t provide any method to get an idea how much time are you going to spend waiting in a crowd people ride or even the lack of indications to arrive at your preferred ride.

A few days before, I have been in PortAventura, I saw some improvements that allow customers improving the access to the rides. For example they put more information and directions indicating where you are or which are your nearest attractions. Also, they provide different tickets with their relative prices to have a fast access.

But, the most important thing that attracted my attention, even I have taken a photo to post here, it was the panels indicating how much time you are going to spend waiting to access to the main rides. In this image we could see what I am referring.


It is necessary to highlight that people are concerned about the time because they want the maximum benefit of the day. PortAventura provided another useful organizational tool to give an idea how much time is needed to enjoy each attraction.

Due to logistics of the whole amusement park you can enjoy a day, because they have thought to improve their process applying some continuous improvements in their installations, even if you don’t really realize on it.

The PortAventura managers will have been in the Gemba, applying the kaizen methodology to directly improve their flows people in their facility.

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